Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crinkle Bites

I'll never forget the Christmas gift I received during my 3rd year in college. It was the fudgiest crinkles I had ever tasted. Unfortunately, they were just home-made my my friend's tita, and so, since then I have been searching for crinkles that could match to them.

I kept on searching, and searching, but I never really found right taste and fudginess that I had found that Christmas.

Then it dawned on me:
Why not try making some of my own?

And that's how I came up with my own recipe for the perfect, fudgy, Crinkle Bites. Each one will have you craving for more!

Kindly text to 0917-5508795 or email to sweetdreamsbycandy@yahoo.comthe following information: Name, Contact no., Email address, City of residence, Name of chosen Sweet Dreams treat, No. of orders

Please wait for the confirmation of your order within 24 hours. Orders will take at least one week to complete, and at least two weeks for bulk orders (i.e. orders more than P1,500).

*The minimum order requirement is P500.00 A down payment of at least 50% is required for orders worth P1,500 and above.
*Pick up areas: Petron La Vista, Katipunan

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